NOC’s Objectives574032_Athlete-hand-on-startline-200248325-001

Preparation of national teams for sports events 2010-2020

This objective is one of NOC’s priorities as it is mainly associated with NOC’s core tasks.


Construction of Olympic sports center for national teams

The construction of a full-fledged Olympic sports complex will ensure good preparation of national team athletes and considerably improve their results.


Identification of Sports Talent

The NOC is poised to set a mechanism to identify sports talents to feed national teams on an ongoing basis.


Dissemination of Olympic culture & Education among UAE community members

This is one of the key objectives that sets the foundation for developing communities and upgrading sports sector to the highest levels to achieve the cherished results.


Grooming & qualifying administrative and technical cadres

This objective is intended to qualify administrative & technical cadres and keep them informed of the latest sports developments, besides enabling them to acquire new information and update their administrative and technical skills.


Development and rationalization of financial resources

This strategic objective commands high importance in ensuring the success of the NOC’s strategic plan by providing funds necessary to secure the basic requirements, capabilities, tools and means to implement the strategic objectives of this plan.