Olympic Academy

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The incessant endeavours of the National Olympic Committee to diffuse the culture and education in conjunction with the Olympic work underscores the great attention the United Arab Emirates attaches to fulfilling the principles of the Olympic Charter; which stress the need to “contributing to building a peaceful and better world by educating the youth through practicing sport under the framework of the Olympic thinking and values”.

In order to fulfill these principles, we have directed that an entity to be establishment to groom leaders as well as administrative & technical cadres to disseminate the Olympic knowledge and culture, and improve the performance of those who practice sports and artistic activities in line with the prevailing sports & community culture and tradition of the UAE.

This emanates from our belief in the importance of leveraging the national Olympic movement by developing sports management curricula, enhancing the performance  of the UAE nationals, and investing  in youth to lead and manage the sport movement, boost the efficiency of those who work in the sport field. This in turn will qualify them to meet the future challenges to ensure good leadership for the sports movement, and achieve sporting excellence through modern scientific programs that conform to the highest standards and international practices.

By this document, we hereby approve the establishment of the National Olympic Academy to become the scientific, educational and informative façade for the National Olympic Committee, which seeks to contribute to qualifying athletes, administrators and technicians, as well as developing their capabilities to equip them with the best knowledge and techniques to manage the National Olympic Movement.

We hope to benefit from this academy in achieving our cherished targets.


The National Olympic Academy is established in the United Arab Emirates under the Decision of the Executive Office No. (17) on 22.4.2012, attached to the decision issued by the General Assembly No. (32) on 26/03/2012.
The Academy operates under the Olympic Charter of the National Olympic Committee, International Olympic Academy and the International Olympic Committee.  The National Olympic Academy is linked administratively and financially to the National Olympic Committee, and technically to the International Olympic Academy.


The National Olympic Academy promotes the values of sport and the Olympic principles by respecting the Olympic Charter and its relationship with the International Olympic Academy, and the National Olympic Committee. The National Olympic Academy is to prepare national sport cadres, enhance their efficiency, boost their future ambitions, and empower them to lead the educational, youth and sport institutions, and understand the nature of the human composition during competitions, training and qualification.


Pursuant to the principles of the Olympic Charter and in line with the policy of the National Olympic Committee, the Academy is to formulate and prepare programs, develop initiatives, and ensure the administrative, scientific and technical progression of the components of the Movement of National Olympic UAE. For this purpose it has set out a number of objectives such as:

  1. Showcase the scientific and cultural aspects of the National Olympic Committee.
  2. Disseminate the community sport culture through scientific studies, practical initiatives and academic programs.
  3. Prepare and qualify the UAE sports leadership, develop them, and make them acquire knowledge and the ability to take over administrative jobs in the institutions of the Olympic movement locally and internationally.
  4. Disseminate the legal knowledge and legislative culture, and qualify competent cadres through programs and supporting courses.
  5. Provide scientific, academic administrative and technical consultation services to help the National Olympic Committee, sports federations, and sport clubs & institutions concerned.
  6. Strengthen the relationships and partnerships with the International Olympic Academy and the national academies.



The Academy specializes in delivering training programs approved for sport leaders to hone their skills & leadership, help them gain administrative & technical experiences, and raise the awareness of the goals of the Olympic Charter. The Academy shall supervise and develop the following specializations:

  1. Integrated sports administrative skills in the light of the local and international requirements.
  2. Sport arbitration law and the follow up of amendments issued by the international federations.
  3. Modern sports training.
  4. Qualifying the administrative & technical staff and updating their information.
  5. Contributing to the formation and qualifying administrative, technical and teaching staff of the School Sports.
  6. Programmed education for psychomotor skills of sports.
  7. Public health and nutrition, physiotherapy, massage and steroids.
  8. Community sports and efforts to make it a way of life for the UAE community.
  9. Any other functions assigned by the Executive Office to the National Olympic Committee