The sports values that the Olympic Committee strives to embed in the UAE society are based on civilized, humanitarian and ethical standards which should be disp


Patriotism is represented in contributing to raising the national flag, taking on challenges for the sake of the nation, prioritizing public interests over private interests, obeying leaders’ orders whatever their levels & competencies, and sacrificing for the nation.

Sense of responsibility

This value should be displayed by everyone, be it an athlete or an official. It is essential in light of the complexity of sports affairs, the number of involved individuals and their different roles and ambitions.


This is a key value for those in charge of sport sector, and one of the qualities that should be displayed by officials in disposing administrative & financial issues, and in the relation with athletes in particular.

Fair competition

It is considered one of the distinctive features of athletic work, without which no sports results can be achieved in the long term since fraud and disrespect of competitors, as well as breaching of sports values and failing to maintain ethics inside and outside sportsfields would obstruct the sports drive and derail it from its noble objectives.


One of the values that ought to be observed by an athlete before anyone else, without which no sports results can be attained: Perseveranceto exercises, punctuality, bearing hardships, fatigue, moral & physical pain, loss of leisure time and homesickness. Athletes’ perseverance is a key factor of success in sports field.


This is classified as one of the key factors of excellence in sports field, and is part of psychological values that must be displayed by all athletes. Craving for success, victory and beating others is one of the ingredients of sports profession.