Vision and Mission


Athletic society capable of brilliance and achievements

The National Olympic Committee seeks to shape the future of the Olympic map based on realities, studies and field results already achieved or has yet to be made.

We believe that the future of the UAE sport and achievement of results at the global level require warrants educating community members on the importance of sport, and engaging in sports activities at an early age. Therefore, it is inevitable to develop a sports community capable of giving, travail, and perseverance in order to raise the UAE flag high in international arenas.


Upgrading UAE sport and inculcating the culture of practicing sports activities & values among the UAE community to achieve outstanding sports results.”

The Olympic Committee seeks to promote Olympic sports to bring them at par with other sectors witnessing phenomenal growth in the UAE, inducing respect of other countries, along the lines of the economic, financial and tourism sectors, which contributed actively to the development process.

This ambition is manifested in the progress, prosperity and social development witnessed by the UAE, adding to the country’s efforts aimed at ensuring a superior standard of living for citizens.

Given the contribution of sport to the development drive, in its capacity as a school of life, the National Olympic Committee is all set to embed the culture of practicing sporting activities and values among the UAE community.